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I am a child of the 70’s lost in the 21st Century.
I am a cartoonist at heart. For two decades I ploughed my lifeblood in to comical gags which adorned magazines and newspapers the world over. NAF was my pen name.
Then the power of the internet started to change things. No one wanted magazines and newspapers anymore. They could get their topical, national and global news in their daily feed.
The screens took over. Good for the trees but bad for the cartoonists who had no other viable income other than selling their work to printed media. They became endangered. They still are.
But life finds a way. For two years I abandoned pen and paper and I let my anger at the internet fester away. How dare machines deny me my passion, my creativity, my livelihood!
Then, slowly, something awoke inside me. I began playing with paints and canvas and I found that the passion, little by little, returned.
To hell with the internet! To hell with this fast, uncaring, modern rat-race! To hell with money!
Today I work in social care with homeless, vulnerable adults. My paintings are inspired by the daily struggle we all face. The pressure to succeed, to be happy, to be whole, It can break us. The paint and the brushes have kept me sane

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For any informations or enquiries please, contact Andy at: +44 07453 485 415

Q: Are you selling your art?

Yes, all the canvases on display in the gallery are for sale. Get in touch to know more.

Q: Are you taking commissions?

Yes, commissions of all varieties are considered : posters, logos, flyers, walls, windows, advertisements, gifts, cartoons, caricatures and bespoke. Get in Touch

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