About Me

Who am I?

Andy Mckay is a cartoon artist. His cartoon work (under the pen-name NAF) has appeared in thousands of publications around the world including Playboy and the much coveted New Yorker magazines. Winning Young Cartoonist Of The Year Award in 2002 and a 'Henry Award' (the greeting cards industry award) in 2014, his work has enjoyed mass appeal over the last two decades. His range of greeting cards printed by Paper Rose can be found in many retail outlets and online.

With the demise of many printed publications, Andy has diversified and transferred his cartoonist 'skills' in to other medium and genre. Branching in to canvas and bold, geometric colour, he is now broadening his artistic horizons. A recent Exhibition in Edinburgh entitled 'Not A Slave' was warmly received by the public and has encouraged the artist to continue to explore new unchartered territories. Commissions for his 'Orangeman' stories are also becoming more common place and can be found in prominent creative venues in and around Edinburgh.

Andy has also enjoyed a successful 'side-line career' in music. A banjo player originally, he has pioneered two successful bands (Celebrity Chimp and Andy And The Prosititutes) and has had his work recorded by leading Scottish folk musician Kris Drever. Andy continues to write and perform

He lives in Edinburgh with his wife and his banjo.

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