About Me

Who am I?

Andy McKay is an award winning visual artist and print maker who has enjoyed success both as a painter and as a cartoonist (pen name NAF). His cartoon work has been published in hundreds of publications including Playboy and the much coveted New Yorker magazine and his greeting card range received a ‘Henry Award’ in 2014.

As a painter, Andy works with acrylics on canvas. Using bold, vivid colours and referencing popular icons from the 1970’s and 80’s, his collection of ‘geek art’ paintings have been very well received both in the UK and abroad. His prints and originals can be found in contemporary galleries in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Andy has also enjoyed a successful 'side-line career' in music. A banjo player originally, he has pioneered two successful bands (Celebrity Chimp and Andy And The Prostitutes) and has had his work recorded by leading Scottish folk musician Kris Drever. Andy continues to write and perform.

He lives in Edinburgh with his multi-talented wife… and his banjo.

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